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We have to change the date we let the mag come out due to Vacation, Family, Injury, and Carelessness


She has agreed to work for the mag!!! She is teaming up with Cassie to write about celebs!!! YAY!!!

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Our Interview With Kaza Kingsley

I would like to thank the fantastic Real Gurlz Magazine for hosting me on Day Twelve of my Blog Tour! Thanks for such great questions, they were so fun to answer. And all original ones, too!

What is your favorite part of the book 1, "The Dragons Eye"?

Definitely the last 100 pages. I really got into the ending when I was writing it. But, I also really had fun with some of the prizes and inventions, like the Aniballs, Inquizzles, MagicLights, Sneakers and Seeing Eyeglasses. I wish I had those to play around with!

What is your favorite book other than your own?

Whichever one I'm reading at the moment!! (With some exceptions!) I love so many books it's hard to pick! I really love Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking Glass, and still look at it sometimes. But I don't have a favorite.

How does it feel to have your books EVERYWHERE, people wanting to interview you on the computer and on TV! And people wanting to meet you?

It's really unbelievable to me. Sometimes it doesn't seem real. On one hand, I feel extremely lucky to have gotten to this point. On the other, I do believe that all of us have the potential to make our dreams come true if we really work hard at it!

It has been really fun, though. The first TV interview I had made me sooo nervous! I told myself I would pretend it was just a normal conversation, and there were no cameras. But then the host looked at his camera and said (really loud, in that announcer voice) Were here today with local author Kaza Kingsley. Well, that blew my idea of pretending it was a normal conversation! Then he asked what I thought was the hardest question I've been asked on TV. And it was my first one! He said, Your book has gotten fantastic reviews. Tell me, are you surprised? Well, how do you answer that? By saying No, it's like saying that you're egotistical. And Yes implies that you think your book stinks!! I managed something like "Well, you're always surprised". But it really caught me off guard! If you want to see this and other TV interviews, they are on my Media/Press page at

At what age did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I changed my mind a lot when I was young, but every time I kept coming back to writing. It’s always been my love. I think I first wanted to be an author when I was in third grade!

Have you always loved to write?

Usually, but I did go through a few phases where I didn't like it as much. I like to remind kids that even if they don't like writing right now, they should keep an open mind. Things might change, if they do it more, and they may start to love it. And maybe one of those kids might become the next great author of tomorrow!

How long did it take to finish your first book? Did it take longer to finish your 2nd?

Before I even wrote a word of Book One I wrote a notebook full of plot for the whole series. That took about five months! Book One took a year and a half to write. But Book Two went quicker. I wrote it in nine months. That was because I was so into the characters and story at that point there was less planning involved. Also, I was able to write for a long time each day, sometimes eight to ten hours!

How many times did it get rejected and sent back?

My agent sent it to seven houses where it got rejected before Book One found a path to publication. Not fun!

Can you tell us all the titles of the 8 books that are going to be in the series?

I could tell you my thoughts on it Maybe I'll give you clues, though! They all have a little to do with the contests in Book One. The first contest was the MONSTER. Well, Book Two is The Monsters of Otherness. The second contest is where kids need to find truthful answers Book Three is The Search for Truth.You could have some fun looking at the rest of the contests to see what the other book titles might be! The next contest was The Tribaffleon. Three things were in that contest. Could Book Four have to do with the number three?

Are you going to try to write a different genre after Erec Rex?

I'll definitely write something. I love writing too much to stop. But I don't know if it will be a different genre or not! I do have a great idea for an adult book, and books for younger kids, too!

What was your favorite book growing up?

The Wizard of Oz series, by L. Frank Baum. He wrote some wild fantasy stories – fourteen books where Dorothy goes back to Oz and goes on a lot of adventures. I kind of want to do a series where I retell those stories, bring them into the modern age so more people can enjoy them!

Was your family supportive of you writing?

Yes. When it came time to submitting my novel for publication they weren't so sure, though. My mother couldn't understand why I would want to do it, knowing there was rejection involved. I guess you have to love to write to understand.

If you could be the author of any book which would you choose?

Mine! Beyond that, I would like to be the author of a cookbook, a diet book, a younger kids series, and adult novels. You know? Some day I think I will be!!

Have you met any celebrities?

I have. That was fun! I hung out with Devon Werkheiser at his home in Hollywood. He's a fan of the series. I also got to meet Alan Alda and John Lithgow, as well as some Cincinnati Bengals football players. Some of the pictures of me with them are on my fan pages in my website,

Who helped you record your CD?

I got to work on a music CD last year with the artist of Books One and Two. His name is Melvyn Grant, and he lives in England. He has recording equipment, and we used that! I had a great time, and learned a lot about music recording. I hope someday, if I have time, to do more myself!

Who do you think should play Erec, Bethany, Balor Stain, Erec's Foster Mom and King Piter if there is ever a movie???

I like Devon Werkheiser for Erec. He's not only a great actor, but he loves the book as well, so it's a great fit. Beyond that . . . I'd really have to think for a while on it. I'll try to figure it out one of these days and I'll post it on my forum, so I can get other people's ideas, too!

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Our Blog Tour With Kaza Kingsley!!!!!

This is the link to an exerpt of book 2 "The Monsters of Otherness"

Kaza will be watching our website and will be more than happy to answer any questions and comments DAILY!

Here are the Blog Tour Dates:
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Dont Forget To Go To Kaza's, All The Above's Blogs and Ours All Throughout These Days !

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Help Wanted!!!!!!!!!

If you know me, Ciara or Cassie at school then talk to us and we will give u job! We really need writers 'cause we can not make a magazine with 3 writers. Thats all we have so far. Oh well, check out this thing i made. sorta an ape or somtin mayB even Homer Simpson. LOL. Ha Ha (:(p)